Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What attributes/things are ESSENTIAL in your future/current companion?

So, This semester I am in a Marriage and Family class so we are discussing what is ESSENTIAL in our future or current spouse. Here are some things that came in mind before I married Brittany..
I needed a spouse that could protect me!

Bowling is a must...

Good Driver!

Someone to beat in Golf..jk but I like having someone to golf with!

Attractive and in shape!

Brittany is honestly one of the smartest, prettiest, funniest people out there, second to maybe just me! I love everything about her, but honestly all the things above were just a plus not ESSENTIAL. On a more serious note, the things that were essential in my future and now current spouse were things like Charity, Brittany is someone who is always there to remind me to be nice. She doesn't believe in saying mean things and when she does say mean things she catches herself and is very repentant. One of the most important things to me and both of us, was having an eternal family, so getting married in the Temple! I am so happy we got married in the Temple, I know those people who are not members of the Church think that us getting married in Vegas was like a sweet party and a way to avoid the whole big wedding stuff. Exact opposite for us, Brittany is just from Vegas but we had the absolute best time on our wedding day, together in the Temple. Brittany has a strong Testimony and she is always making sure we are doing the right things to stay on the right path. She loves church, she wants to go even if she is sick or anything and that is such a great influence on me and will be to future children one day. She has all the perfect mother qualities and I am glad I found someone, well she found me so hopefully I have some of these things like Charity, Repentant, desire for eternal family, Testimony, and love for Church, like she has...The list goes on and on.

Let me know some things that were ESSENTIAL when you were or currently are looking for your spouse? ESSENTIAL meaning they could have the bowling skills, golf skills, protection abilities, driving skills, the good looks, sense of humor but without these ESSENTIAL qualities you would not have or will not marry them!

I love you Brittany!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Recap!

I am pretty sure throughout my whole life, people can handle me in very small doses! Ask my family, my babysitters, my friends, my coaches, my teachers, whoever! I feel like I can be very cool and fun for awhile, but I either just talk too much or get mad and pull an Emree at the library(Apparently my niece just had a temper tantrum) and that is what I am famous for. My most famous is when I slapped my Grandma once, but anyways the reason I brought that up is because I don't really ever blog and that is probably due to the fact that I am best in small, occasional doses(not how Dr. Dave says to take ibuprofen). 
Anyways, here is a nice little recap of summer, more pictures then me talking because it is probably better that way, right? 

Me and my favorite person welcoming President and Sister Ostler(My mission president/wife) back to America!

Biak Blong Mi! Esron Vano, in the U.S., I couldn't be happier!

Vanuatu RMs...how cute!

My little sister got married, what? At least they are happy...

Maybe shouldn't have given me the camera?

We think they are in there somewhere;)

Sorry old lady, we stole your bench for the newlyweds to just relax.

In Vegas, right before we went to S.W. Steakhouse...Thank you Father in Law!

A giant frog on a waterfall sang to us at dinner, just for us the waiter said!

Lookin good at dinner in my salmon shirt!

I had the best looking person to eat with! Does her steak look medium well? 

We couldn't make the Moses Lake fair, but we still got Funnel Cakes!! Yummy!

La Reve aka the weirdest dream ever! Sweet show! I liked the funny dudes!

Showing off our new shirts..

At the cabin, we are Flamers!

I hope she likes me all the time and not in just small doses because she is a real good shot!

And knows how shoot them all...

Well, there was our summer! We got to go to St. George to see my Mission President come home and see Esron Vano, a member from Vanuatu that taught with me constantly and even went to teach with us when he opened his mission call. He is probably one of the best people you could ever meet, hard working, honest, trustworthy, and not afraid of doing the right thing. He taught me a lot and I was so happy I got to see him! Then my little sis got married, I couldn't be happier for her. She got a great guy, who treats her probably better than she deserves;) haha jk but probably! It was so much fun to see those two happy as can be but it was just as fun to see all sorts of family and friends..Good times! Then we went to Moses Lake to golf(I shot my first ever 39)! Brittany got to go to Michael Buble, lucky girl! Went to movies, no shopping, and The porterhouse, just a party. Then be at the awesome outside reception led with DJ Dani and then after party was DJ Spencer/Jordan...Edge of Glory! Oh to make that trip even better, Brittany got bit by Tanna our dog, so now he has growled at Andrew, bit Brittany, probably made a plan to take out Tyler, In Laws beware in the Baker Household, we have a guard dog! Then Vegas....We got to watch the house and dogs, while the Allison's(In-laws) were out of the country! It was tons of fun, went shopping, went to movies, went to eat lots and lots, took grandma to the doctor, got to eat at a nice steakhouse at the Wynn, watch La Reve. Just lots of fun all summer. 

School has started again but for labor day weekend we went to the Cabin, ate Biffs a small little place that makes smoked pork sandwiches and played the game, "What's Biff smoking?" Shot lots and lots of guns! Wow that was fun, we destroyed bottles, killed a zombie, barely hit targets, and absolutely destroyed three phone books to find a few little prizes or trophies! We are lucky people and I am the luckiest because I have finally found the one person that enjoys me always...I think. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have the best wife, she wants to play golf...she is surprisingly good as well. We went for the first time together last week, and she played good for about three holes in a row...with a bogey and a par in the round. I was pretty impressed. I realize I need funny kids to make my blog good, because the same old nothing is happening in our life.

I recently dropped my class to find a job, I applied at R.C. Willey and some no name places, so far not one thing has contacted me except one of them which was a scam off Craigslist. So that's pretty sweet, so I do the blog, the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, cleaning, etc while Brittany goes to work and makes the money. I guess it is ok for now because We have a clean place but I think we would much rather me have a job. I do have one job I guess, 24 hour flood response, I am on call and every time they text to go, Brittany doesnt want me to go or we are out of town so that doesnt help much. It makes it easy to go out of town, not having a job though. This last weekend we went to the cabin for quite the party. It was a lot of fun to hang out with family and friends. Its also fun to wait for one of Brittanys classic comments. So Wes my father in law got a new fourwheeler and it is a new one with powersteering...Brittany drove it and loved how smooth the turning was and wondered how her BMW had powersteering when the steering is so stiff...haha we all just said if you drive a car without, trust me you will KNOW!

The things in life that keep me entertained is my silly wife, my brother in law Tyler with his text of pictures of my niece and nephew, fun stuff, very cute little kids, I always love Tylers comments as well, and golf.  I guess I better mention that all I live for too is to watch So you think you can dance, to watch Caitlynn dominate, and I do vote! Kind of embarrassing but I do blog and did with a pink background until now, but doesn't really matter, I only have 5 followers so not like anyone will find out!

Most exciting thing happening this weekend, I get to see President and Sister Ostler, my mission president. I am excited to see them but sorry to be completely honest I am a little more excited to see Esron Vano. He was one of my favorite members in Vanuatu and also missionary. He is a great guy, one I thought it would be a very long time before I saw him again, and it already has been long enough. oh man I miss Vanuatu, I wish I was rich so I could go back whenever! Love you my 5 followers, hope you enjoy me pouring out my soul aka just writing down thoughts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Experience Life Together..

I always joke with Brittany that I am going to be the stay at home Husband and Dad, which she doesn't seem to find very funny. Currently I am taking a marriage and family class at BYU to prepare myself for my duties as a husband and father. This class so far has just made me think about experiencing life together. We haven't had any hard times or over the top fantastic times yet, but we are just experiencing our life together. We went to the Zoo together, We went fishing with Brittany's family recently and both got sunburnt together, so we are peeling together, having cold sores together, caught only two fish together....basically just living the good life together. Brittany is fun to be around, she has treated me like I am her patient and she has do whatever she can to take care of me(just because I am a little baby with my cold sore). She truly is great and so good to me. She puts up with my laziness and grumpy attitude. We just passed our six months as a married couple and it is crazy how fast it has gone by and all the stuff we have already done. I am love being with Brittany but I am also fine with my own space, where Brittany wants to do absolutely everything with me, she doesn't want to leave my side for anything. I keep reminding her she has to be with me for eternity and that is a really long time so she doesn't want to get tired of me already.

Random story: I could be the worst blogger ever and I originally set up this blog for Brittany to do and elders quorum one day they asked if anyone had a blog and I almost raised my hand but I refrained, then they asked ok who's wife has a blog and everyone raised their hand. haha. I have a blog, it has a pink background that I need to change if I am going to be the one to write on it or I need to let Brittany experience this part of life with me so we can experience everything together.

In short, I am happy we promote marriage in the church and we believe in Eternal marriage because I love Brittany and I love experiencing everything together, I wouldn't want to experience all this by myself!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sad attempt to catch up...

I feel like all I am ever doing in this blogging world, is posting something to catch up. But here I go....It has been two months since I last wrote and lots has happened....Some of the best things were: Brittany's Birthday, Matt and Amanda's Graduation(not because they are leaving us, but pretty cool), and our trip to Moses Lake/Seattle! I will do the quick way of just posting a few pics so enjoy...

Brittany in her new shirt and coat! Super excited, can't you tell?


We took lots of pics because we never really take pictures, so this is like catch up!

About to begin...

Toss that tissue paper!!

New Shirt...Yay! 
New Purse...smaller(hopefully easier to find things)!

What is it?


Now what??

 First scriptures...as BRITTANY BAKER!! Now it's official

DQ ice cream cake..

I didn't draw this on..shhh..dont tell Brittany! 

Presents from Mother Baker..Candy, Jamba Juice, and our WEDDING VIDEO!

Cute Necklace from Andres..Do the presents ever end?

At Mission reunion...in hallway, because we are Vanuatu outcasts!

Former Elder King and myself...

We got caught in the hallway..

Just a year after mission...already married, crazy! 

Singing mission song!

Look at me sing..

The cool couples!

Yep still cool..

The even cooler couples...President and Sister Ardern, President Ardern was recently called to first quorum of Seventy.

Doubles of everything, just in case!

Seattle Crab pot...Brittany loved our bibs and how messy we were!

Yummmmm...we made Brittany eat a mussel, haha!

Reminder of Vanuatu with my prawn in hand!

Just calmly and apparently very slow like, eating my food!


First time on space needle...TOGETHER!

We had lots of fun with family...

The Crew 

Up in space...

Not so good..but we had to take it!