Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What attributes/things are ESSENTIAL in your future/current companion?

So, This semester I am in a Marriage and Family class so we are discussing what is ESSENTIAL in our future or current spouse. Here are some things that came in mind before I married Brittany..
I needed a spouse that could protect me!

Bowling is a must...

Good Driver!

Someone to beat in Golf..jk but I like having someone to golf with!

Attractive and in shape!

Brittany is honestly one of the smartest, prettiest, funniest people out there, second to maybe just me! I love everything about her, but honestly all the things above were just a plus not ESSENTIAL. On a more serious note, the things that were essential in my future and now current spouse were things like Charity, Brittany is someone who is always there to remind me to be nice. She doesn't believe in saying mean things and when she does say mean things she catches herself and is very repentant. One of the most important things to me and both of us, was having an eternal family, so getting married in the Temple! I am so happy we got married in the Temple, I know those people who are not members of the Church think that us getting married in Vegas was like a sweet party and a way to avoid the whole big wedding stuff. Exact opposite for us, Brittany is just from Vegas but we had the absolute best time on our wedding day, together in the Temple. Brittany has a strong Testimony and she is always making sure we are doing the right things to stay on the right path. She loves church, she wants to go even if she is sick or anything and that is such a great influence on me and will be to future children one day. She has all the perfect mother qualities and I am glad I found someone, well she found me so hopefully I have some of these things like Charity, Repentant, desire for eternal family, Testimony, and love for Church, like she has...The list goes on and on.

Let me know some things that were ESSENTIAL when you were or currently are looking for your spouse? ESSENTIAL meaning they could have the bowling skills, golf skills, protection abilities, driving skills, the good looks, sense of humor but without these ESSENTIAL qualities you would not have or will not marry them!

I love you Brittany!


  1. Love this post. My essential things were that Ty was PERFECTING, he likes to perfect himself and the talents he has. I also love that he is FORGIVING of my imperfections and that we can continue to grow together. Marriage is about learning how to grow and change together :)

  2. That is a pretty serious looking gun! One thing that was essential for me was that Caitlin was willing to try new things. One time I took her mountain biking and I chose a trail that was a little bit too advanced, and she was willing to go down the trail even though it was probably a bit scary for a first time biking. Turns out we loved it and it was a fun experience, and I love that she is willing to do new things!

  3. Thank you guys...I had an assignment, I put Commitment, Sacrifice, and Forgiveness! Reece, Brittany's dad just recently really got into guns so we often go shooting lots of serious looking guns. It is fun let me tell ya...