Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vanuatu...The Happiest Place and one of the Happiest Times of my Life!

So today I went to school this morning, a tad tired and not too excited to be there. To be honest it was a pretty typical morning at school, but in my Doctrine and Covenants class we were talking about the time the blacks were given the opportunity to hold the priesthood. To someone like me, at least before my mission this didn't mean much to me or I guess I shouldn't say that but I should say I didn't think much about it! Every Worthy male in my lifetime had the priesthood so I didn't think too much about what race they were every man that was worthy to hold it I though deserved to hold it. But as I served my mission and as it was talked about today, the spirit was especially strong about the importance of blacks or every worthy male receiving the priesthood.

A branch president in front of the church building! This branch was in the absolute middle of no where, we were literally the only truck that traveled to this place! 

I served amongst some of the most faithful members of the church ever I will never them, they mean sooo much to me and the growth in my life! I can't imagine going there and them not be able to hold the priesthood. I can say that I had many opportunities in my mission to use my priesthood for blessings, baptisms, leading sacrament, etc...but I served with missionaries or people that were an example to me and how to use the priesthood. They walked a couple of hours to and from church, they asked me if they weren't worthy to bless the sacrament because someone got food poisoning from a fish they caught, they stopped priesthood to go and push someone's car for them, they had nothing yet they always gave, and they wanted to help or do whatever they could. I would give anything to go back and visit them and let them know I still think about and pray for them but more importantly I want to thank them for what they made me into.
Where Priesthood was held on Sunday's, fancy huh?
Two of my favorite people and two Great missionaries! Elder Sovuai and Elder Vano!

These are some of the greatest people out there, I don't care what other people have to say! They are happy with nothing and are nothing but happy! I love and miss them! 

For Brittany and mine update lately it goes as follows, Brittany is stressed with school, I am stressed trying to keep her happy, and we are both really looking forward to March Madness :)

Quote of the day: " Expect great things from God, attempt great things for Him."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Falling Behind...

I know falling behind in my blog isn't important so you can ignore that but here is some things that happened last month that I never posted about.

Valentines Day! so you might be asking yourself, wait I think Quinn did post about Valentines Day, before it happened, right? Wasn't that him? In all actuality all of you probably have no idea whether or not I posted on V-day but not big deal I am posting now haha. The saturday before Brittany and I went to Gnomeo and Juliet during the matinee so it wouldnt be too expensive but nice surprise, apparently its 3D...oops didn't know that! Great movie though, who doesn't like Gnomes? and in 3D? ok the 3D part only made us where the uncomfortable glasses but a good funny movie!! Then we went to dinner somewhere haha, I can't recall where we went its been so long but it was good and for sure romantic!

Then Monday the real Valentines day, yes, I did do a little something on V-day even after a failure before V-day and a successful little movie and dinner date before! I just got Brittany some flowers, that she already found out about, but no surprise really anyways, if you don't get flowers on V-day I apologize and I apologize in advance to Brittany in the years to come that she doesn't get flowers haha. But besides the flowers I got the classic heart shaped box of chocolates, a little decoration thing, a clock that said Families are Forever, and I wrote her something. To explain this something I need to go in reverse and explain where it originated from.

Sooo...We got married on December 18th, so to count down or up to 18 in the start of December for each day I gave Brittany a little present and note that said 18 reasons why I want to marry you...so on this V-day I got her 18 roses and wrote a little "something" that was the 18 reasons why I love being married to you! So I hope even after every little rude comment I say, little thing I forget, or whatever else us Husbands just do that is wrong, I hope she at least knows 36 things that made me want to marry her and why I love being married to her haha..that should help me out somewhere! haha I know you are thinking so did I do those things to help me, NO I just want Brittany to know that even if I am not always the best at showing it or telling her, I do absolutely love being married to her. and I did choose to marry her because I wanted to.

A completely different story...we had the opportunity to go to the Allisons cabin with Wes(Brittanys dad or my pops in law), Morgan her sister or my sister in law and one of Morgans friends...oh and Brittany would hate me for forever if I didn't mention Bella our fav. dog! We thought we would have a blast in the snow and hanging out with fam...and guess what we did, we had a blast!! Yes, wes forgot keys to snowmobiles so we didn't get out much but we got to stay in and play CLUE FX that I did not win ever.. we played in the snow or the girls did, including Bella, while Wes and I shoveled the driveway! Fun Times!

Last little adventure...Sacremento! First Timers...we went for Jesse and we took my car, bought cables(the crappy version of chains), and were ready for the snow storm over the pass! We made it after about 13 hours and went straight to bed. Saturday was filled with fun, The Jimmers beat SDSU, we went to Old Town, got chocolate, stale taffy, and just got to hang out with Family....nothing better! Then dinner at the Andres..a GREAT BBQ..not Brittany-Baker-Quinn but an actual bbq and hmm hmm Good... Sunday was my favorite part, Jesse's Baby blessing, what a special moment in my life to be a part of the blessing for my first nephew and what a little, not actually that little cutie! An amazing spirit, and beautiful blessing as we got to hold Jesse in our arms and just look at his baby eyes look up at us!! After church it was time to go and say goodbye to family again to go back to Provo where we only  have Amanda and Matt as the last bit of immediate family left and they are leaving us soon too...Hurry up Kenzie we need siblings around!

Little update....we seem to be falling behind in life and I thought we were so far ahead...Things just keep piling up on us but we love going through all of it together, even though we only get to really see each other on the weekends...Brittany is too busy with school and work to be around with me. I try to be the good stay at home husband that I am though haha wink wink! Cleaning, dishes, frozen dinners, I am the king at my job, and once a month a blog update haha..oh I lost city league championships recently in Overtime...but intramural play-offs are starting up so I have a chance to redeem myself..Also I recently stated Brittany is the Best Baker but guess what twice in the last four days I have proven that I am a pretty good baker myself, making chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!! Yummy.. want to see pics of V-day, cabin, or sac town just go to Facebook! Sorry!