Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Experience Life Together..

I always joke with Brittany that I am going to be the stay at home Husband and Dad, which she doesn't seem to find very funny. Currently I am taking a marriage and family class at BYU to prepare myself for my duties as a husband and father. This class so far has just made me think about experiencing life together. We haven't had any hard times or over the top fantastic times yet, but we are just experiencing our life together. We went to the Zoo together, We went fishing with Brittany's family recently and both got sunburnt together, so we are peeling together, having cold sores together, caught only two fish together....basically just living the good life together. Brittany is fun to be around, she has treated me like I am her patient and she has do whatever she can to take care of me(just because I am a little baby with my cold sore). She truly is great and so good to me. She puts up with my laziness and grumpy attitude. We just passed our six months as a married couple and it is crazy how fast it has gone by and all the stuff we have already done. I am love being with Brittany but I am also fine with my own space, where Brittany wants to do absolutely everything with me, she doesn't want to leave my side for anything. I keep reminding her she has to be with me for eternity and that is a really long time so she doesn't want to get tired of me already.

Random story: I could be the worst blogger ever and I originally set up this blog for Brittany to do and elders quorum one day they asked if anyone had a blog and I almost raised my hand but I refrained, then they asked ok who's wife has a blog and everyone raised their hand. haha. I have a blog, it has a pink background that I need to change if I am going to be the one to write on it or I need to let Brittany experience this part of life with me so we can experience everything together.

In short, I am happy we promote marriage in the church and we believe in Eternal marriage because I love Brittany and I love experiencing everything together, I wouldn't want to experience all this by myself!


  1. I love you Quinn. I miss you! I vote you change the background and keep blogging!

  2. I love you Quinn!! I love that your man enough to blog!! I love that you keep your house clean and mostly I love that you love your wife!!!!!!