Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have the best wife, she wants to play golf...she is surprisingly good as well. We went for the first time together last week, and she played good for about three holes in a row...with a bogey and a par in the round. I was pretty impressed. I realize I need funny kids to make my blog good, because the same old nothing is happening in our life.

I recently dropped my class to find a job, I applied at R.C. Willey and some no name places, so far not one thing has contacted me except one of them which was a scam off Craigslist. So that's pretty sweet, so I do the blog, the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, cleaning, etc while Brittany goes to work and makes the money. I guess it is ok for now because We have a clean place but I think we would much rather me have a job. I do have one job I guess, 24 hour flood response, I am on call and every time they text to go, Brittany doesnt want me to go or we are out of town so that doesnt help much. It makes it easy to go out of town, not having a job though. This last weekend we went to the cabin for quite the party. It was a lot of fun to hang out with family and friends. Its also fun to wait for one of Brittanys classic comments. So Wes my father in law got a new fourwheeler and it is a new one with powersteering...Brittany drove it and loved how smooth the turning was and wondered how her BMW had powersteering when the steering is so stiff...haha we all just said if you drive a car without, trust me you will KNOW!

The things in life that keep me entertained is my silly wife, my brother in law Tyler with his text of pictures of my niece and nephew, fun stuff, very cute little kids, I always love Tylers comments as well, and golf.  I guess I better mention that all I live for too is to watch So you think you can dance, to watch Caitlynn dominate, and I do vote! Kind of embarrassing but I do blog and did with a pink background until now, but doesn't really matter, I only have 5 followers so not like anyone will find out!

Most exciting thing happening this weekend, I get to see President and Sister Ostler, my mission president. I am excited to see them but sorry to be completely honest I am a little more excited to see Esron Vano. He was one of my favorite members in Vanuatu and also missionary. He is a great guy, one I thought it would be a very long time before I saw him again, and it already has been long enough. oh man I miss Vanuatu, I wish I was rich so I could go back whenever! Love you my 5 followers, hope you enjoy me pouring out my soul aka just writing down thoughts.