Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sad attempt to catch up...

I feel like all I am ever doing in this blogging world, is posting something to catch up. But here I go....It has been two months since I last wrote and lots has happened....Some of the best things were: Brittany's Birthday, Matt and Amanda's Graduation(not because they are leaving us, but pretty cool), and our trip to Moses Lake/Seattle! I will do the quick way of just posting a few pics so enjoy...

Brittany in her new shirt and coat! Super excited, can't you tell?


We took lots of pics because we never really take pictures, so this is like catch up!

About to begin...

Toss that tissue paper!!

New Shirt...Yay! 
New Purse...smaller(hopefully easier to find things)!

What is it?


Now what??

 First BRITTANY BAKER!! Now it's official

DQ ice cream cake..

I didn't draw this on..shhh..dont tell Brittany! 

Presents from Mother Baker..Candy, Jamba Juice, and our WEDDING VIDEO!

Cute Necklace from Andres..Do the presents ever end?

At Mission hallway, because we are Vanuatu outcasts!

Former Elder King and myself...

We got caught in the hallway..

Just a year after mission...already married, crazy! 

Singing mission song!

Look at me sing..

The cool couples!

Yep still cool..

The even cooler couples...President and Sister Ardern, President Ardern was recently called to first quorum of Seventy.

Doubles of everything, just in case!

Seattle Crab pot...Brittany loved our bibs and how messy we were!

Yummmmm...we made Brittany eat a mussel, haha!

Reminder of Vanuatu with my prawn in hand!

Just calmly and apparently very slow like, eating my food!


First time on space needle...TOGETHER!

We had lots of fun with family...

The Crew 

Up in space...

Not so good..but we had to take it!